ionic 怎么展示高德地图
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如题 现在项目搭建好了 在电脑上的浏览器运行能展示出来高德地图出来,但是打包成apk后完全没有反应

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Debug 看一下 console的输出, mobile端webview还是不一样的, 比如不支持indexdb…

@BenBBear 不知道你说的是不是这个

Several storage APIs are available for Cordova applications. See html5rocks. for a more complete overview and examples.


Also known as web storage, simple storage, or by its alternate session storage interface, this API provides synchronous key/value pair storage, and is available in underlying WebView implementations. Refer to the W3C spec for details.


This API is available in the underlying WebView. The Web SQL Database Specification offers more full-featured database tables accessed via SQL queries.

The following platforms support WebSQL:

Android BlackBerry 10 iOS Tizen IndexedDB

This API is available in the underlying WebView. Indexed DB offers more features than LocalStorage but fewer than WebSQL.

The following platforms support IndexedDB:

BlackBerry 10 Firefox OS Windows Phone 8 Windows 8 Plugin-Based Options

In addition to the storage APIs listed above, the File API allows you to cache data on the local file system. Other Cordova plugins provide similar storage options.

是的, 你可以看到indexedDB 只在 win,firefox, bb上支持, 他们三加起来不到市场1%😂

另外是否是这个原因, 要看console的输出, 比如利用chrome或者safari远程调试