ionic 1.0.1发布咯~~~
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1.0.1 “vanadium-vaquita” (2015-06-30)

Bug Fixes

button: fix line-height for button-small (753fcde8) ionicConfig: remove tel from images (d25687019 add content scheme to whitelist (8572f389 gestures: only preventDefault on direction if direction supplied (56ab0f24) history: maintain nextViewOptions with resolves (cef67088) item: set complex ionItems to use scss var (5aaa94a3) infiniteScroll: reduce memory used by inactive spinner (32da5cd4) loading: reduce memory used by inactive spinner (f6228177) popup: close highest overlay (bcfe2107) scroll: keyboard support for native scroll views (a293a2316) scrollView: fix memory leak in JS scrolling cleanup (d6431a716) tabs: make icons and titles stay in the same position (d9b3b808) fix icons and titles position (f76aedb7) tap: stop cloning date inputs (d3c3e8c6) viewSwitcher: broadcast view transition events in a consistent order (f78b1b311) Features

gestures: add dragstart and dragend gestures (76796907) sideMenu: add menu open and close events (dbd588124) spinner: allow ionSpinner default to be set by ionicConfigProvider (cf338cf24)

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