【活动】成都 Web 技术爱好者聚会 5 月17号 活动 @ 2pm @8 号平台
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May Meetup for Chengdu Web Tech Meetup @ 2pm @Platform8 成都Web技术俱乐部

8号平台-成都青年创业沙龙, Game Coffee-深度游戏行业媒体, 成都创业周末 This is a co-organized event with Chengdu Web Tech Meetup, Platform No. 8, Game Coffee and Chengdu Startup Weekend !

活动时间:2015年5月17日 下午2点 Time: May 17th 2015 2PM

地址:8号平台-成都青年创业沙龙 领事馆路8号,万兴苑(保利中心中信银行对面,近地铁1号线,倪家桥站) Address: Platform No. 8 Wanxingyuan ,8th Linshiguan Rd, (opposite Poly Center, near metro line 1, Nijiaqiao station)


This month we are meeting on Sunday afternoon at 2pm to talk about effective web app development workflow AND about Startup Weekend Chengdu #3. 这个月我们聊聊高效的Web App 开发工作流, 以及第三界成都创业周末活动。

高效Web App 开发工作流 / Effective Web App Development Workflow


洋彬会为我们介绍 高效web开发工作流设计与实现,借助Node.js + Browserify + gulp + XYZ,实现web开发前后端共用模块、共用模板,同时使前端开发脱离浏览器加载限制,极大提升开发效率。

Bingo Chen, Chief Architect @ Fishsaying Technology, Web front-end dev tech geek, focus on front-end dev work flow and architecture design, H5 creative interactive application and light weight H5 games, and mobile internet driven start-ups.

Bingo will present about effective web app development workflow. He will share his experience and tips on how to handle increasingly complicated front-end javascript projects effectively. Utilizing Node.js + Browserify + gulp + XYZ, Bingo will introduce how to fabricate a front-end back-end common template and module system. With this architecture front-end developer will be able the overcome the browsers loading speed restriction, and greatly boost the development efficiency. We will be looking at the principles and code and going into a discussion on best practices. Should be exciting stuff!

创业周末介绍会:什么是创业周末?/ Intro Startup Weekend: What is Startup Weekend? Mark Koester runs his own Drupal Web Development shop and is also Community Development Manager for Startup Weekend in Greater China. He will be sharing about “What is Startup Weekend?,” some recent developments in Chengdu and around China and why this event is going the best ever!

马克拥有一家Drupal的Web开发工作室,同时他也是创业周末大中华区的社区发展经理。他会为我们介绍什么是创业周末? 创业周末活动在成都和全国的发展近况,以及为什么这个活动会成为全宇宙最好的创业活动!

您知道创业周末在来到成都了吗?成都创业周末5月29—31 @iBox. Have you heard Startup Weekend is coming back to Chengdu? Places are still available for Chengdu Startup Weekend #3 May 29-31 @iBox.

Come join us for a great weekend event about coding, startups and community! 加入社区,这个周末大家一起来参加活动,撸代码,聊创业!

Can’t make the meetup? Join us at Beer Nest 1 for a drink after. 如果你临时有事儿不能参加聚会?你还可以晚点儿和我们一起去啤酒窝I的会后搅基派对!

About Startup Weekend / 创业周末活动简介 和其他创业周末一样,本次活动也将于周五晚开始,参加者将登台展示他们的创意,鼓励别人加入他们的团队。之后,我们会投票选出最佳创意,然后组建队伍。周六和周日,专业教练和导师(如成功企业家、设计师和大学教授)会给出一些反馈并指导这些队伍。通过使用精益创业(Lean Startup)、商业模式画布(Business Model Canvas)和客户开发(Customer Development)等方法和工具,参加者要构建出可行的商业模式或者作业模式,并由此创造一定的社会影响力。周日晚上,各支团队要通过讲解、演示和影像来展示他们的项目。专家评委会就此给出反馈意见并选出最佳的三支队伍。

Like all Startup Weekends, it all begins on Friday evening when participants will take the stage to present their ideas and inspire others to join their team. After, we vote the best ideas and then form teams. During Saturday and Sunday, expert coaches and mentors (such as successful entrepreneurs, designers and professors) will give feedback and help guide the teams. Using such methodologies and tools like Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, and Customer Development, participants will aim to create a social impact along with a viable business model and, for some, a working prototype. On Sunday Evening, teams will present their own project through presentations, performance and demos. Expert judges will provide feedback and select the top three teams.

您知道创业周末在来到成都了吗?成都创业周末5月29—31 @iBox. Have you heard Startup Weekend is coming back to Chengdu? Places are still available for Chengdu Startup Weekend #3 May 29-31 @iBox.

Meetup Description: 这是一个互联网web技术上瘾患者的互助小组;写代码不能停,手机应用调到睡不着,产品原型画到手抽筋,技术创业再也回不去了 … 不管你病到什么程度快来这里,我们大家互相鼓励药不停!

活动时间是每个月的第一个周末(如果有变动会临时通知)。 我们会请一些嘉宾也欢迎所有到场的小伙伴做一个闪电演讲(lightning talks)–简短的介绍一下自己正在打造的作品或者正在学习关于web技术的新东西。


This is a group for anyone interested in web technologies, coding, mobile, tech product design, tech-startup, etc. All skills levels are welcome. We meet every Month. We have guest speakers and presenters and provide time to anyone in the community for “lightning talks” (short examples about cool stuff you built or learned about web tech). We started this group to bring web technology enthusiasts together in Chengdu. We’re here to meet, talk and socialize about the latest and greatest internet technologies. Don’t be shy! We are actively looking for new speakers, organizers and partners to help grow this meetup and the Chengdu developer community, contact Quiz or Mark if you’d like to become more involved! 扫码关注微信 报名地址